Preschool and Kindergarten

Preschool and Kindergarten

Picture-based learning course for preschool and Kindergarten
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Nursery 5 books: Album, Prewriting, English, Workbook, Numbers
Lower Kindergarten 6 books: Album, English, Workbook, Math, Science, Skills Book
Upper Kindergarten 7 books: Album, English, Workbook, Math, Science, Social Studies, Skills Book

Kindergarten B (UKG) Package
zip, 97.4 MB
7.00 USD

Kindergarten A (LKG) Package
zip, 52.1 MB
6.00 USD

Preschool (Nursery) Package
zip, 34.7 MB
5.00 USD

Even as educators worldwide continue to debate the extent to which preschools and kindergartens should teach children such basic skills as phonics, reading, and arithmetic, we at Wordzila have devised our own system based on what best suits our kids back home. In the process, we have gleaned leniently from the internationally practiced Early Childhood Education System and other appropriate kindergarten curriculums. Our programme thus includes skills and concepts that have been identified by experts globally as vital to preschool and kindergarten age-group children. Ample attention is given to creative and selfexpressive activities while preparing the children for school readiness.

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